5. Direct Hire Overseas/Local FDH

2024-05-16 16:00

If you wish to direct hire or name hire a nominated Filipino from the Philippines at overseas or who are already working in Hong Kong, then KL Home Care may offer the best value services to you with our starting price as low as HKD4,200 up. (Direct Hire Hotline: 26606262)

To increase the success rate of your Direct Hiring and to avoid delays in the Maid's arrival to Hong Kong, DO NOT MISS our article of "The Myth of Direct Hiring from Overseas - An Insight to its Core" which you should find very useful.


Filipino Domestic Helper

Filipino FDH Walk-in Service fee $5,699. Online Service fee HK$4,200 up, only applicable for FPS or bank transfer.

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Remark: Direct Hire is the same as Name Hire, which means hiring the nominated foreign domestic helper.


The standard service Package shall include

  1. Service items include Part A
  2. Please check the leaflet of Direct Hire from Philippines/Local Filipino FDH(English version)



Additional fee will be charged at below situations

  1. If due to any personal reasons, the employer is on the "Watch List" or "Blacklist" of the respective Consulate or at the Hong Kong Immigration Department which demands our staff assistance, the employer will be charged an additional fee of HK$1,500/visit.
  2. In the process of the visa application, if the Hong Kong Immigration Department issues any enquiry letter asking for furnishing documents and the employer requires any assistance from us to submit a reply letter or other supplementary documents, the client shall pay a surcharge of HK$1,500 per case.
  3. If due to any personal reasons, the employers request to sign "TYPED DOCUMENTS", an additional fee of HKD200 for special arrangement will be charged.
  4. If Income Proof, Address Proof and Appendix 1 are not submitted online prior to our appointment at our office, a HK$1,000 surcharge will be paid by the employer.



  1. Please refer Notice to Client before you start to use our service, including Service Agreement, Appendix1 and Appendix2.



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