Direct Hire for 1st Timer OFWs to Hong Kong

2023-10-26 16:00

HK$0 placement fees for direct hire
HK$0 regrisiation fees
No hidden charges guaranteed

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Extensive Filipino network in Hong Kong means that it is easy for OFWs at home in the Philippines to reach a hiring agreement with a new employer. If this is the first time for you to leave the Philippines as a Household Service Worker and you have found yourself an employer already. And you are currently looking for a processing agent, KL Home Care is your best choice because we ensure your new employer should pay for all your fees (Note 1) while you are FREE from placement fees at Hong Kong and the Philippines!!!

A. Eligibility for DIRECT HIRE program is simple
  1. OFW has reached a hiring agreement with a new employer; and
  2. New employer is a legally eligible Employer; and
  3. The hired OFWs is a legally eligible Foreign Domestic Helper.

B. When requirements in Section A is fulfilled, new employer should pay for all your processing AND Flight costs in Hong Kong and Manila (Note 1), please also study our service agreement (Note 2)
  1. Package B:
    For Non-holders of TESDA HSW NC II (Domestic Work) Certificate, your prospective employer will pay HK$3,500.00.
    Package B Details
  2. Other terms and conditions may be applied from time to time at the sole discretion of KL Home Care.

C. How to jump start the process for DIRECT HIRE?
  1. To start, just send us:
    ※ 3 Handphone No. of your's at the Philippines; and
    ※ Employer's Name and Contact Tel. No. in Hong Kong; and
    ※ Copy of your valid Passport (Min. 3 years Validity) ; and
    ※ Duly Signed Copy of Reference Letter to prove 2 years of domestic work experience; and
    ※ Copy of Previous Notarized Hong Kong Employment Contract (ID407) (if any); and
    ※ Copy of Duly Signed Release Letter or Termination Letter (ID407E) (if any); and
    ※ Cop of HKID (if any).
    ※ Other Supporting Documents.
  2. Send C.1 information to Ellie via internet:
    ※ Add and PM; or
    ※ Whatsapp/Viber (852) 55392251; or
    ※ Call at (852) 37103728; or
    ※ Or email to; or
    ※ or come directly to 3/F, No. 23, Connaught Road, Central, Hong Kong (Central MTR Station Exit A)

    Upon our contact with your new employer, we shall immediately arrange you to sign the papers at our Central, Hong Kong Office or at any one of our 7 branches in the Philippines.

D. Processing Time Required

Subject to all papers are signed and ready, it will usually take 10 - 12 weeks to complete the entire entry and exit processes in Hong Kong and at the Philippines.

There five stages from signing to getting Visa: Stage1, Stage2, Stage3, Stage4, Stage5.

E. KL Home Care's No Placement Fee Policy
KL Home Care and its staff are PROHIBITTED to charge any fees to applicants except the "Optional" 10% of 1st Month's Wage under the law of Hong Kong.

  1. Processing Fees and Manila Flight Costs are defined in strict accordance with Clause 7 and 8 of the Hong Kong Employment Contract (ID407) issued by the Government of Hong Kong.
  2. Our Service Agreement for Foreign Domestic Helper is available at Helper Service Agreement.