The Beliefs of KL Home Care Ltd.

At KL Home Care, we believe that a happy life begins with a happy family. And we strive to provide the best services to recruit and process the employment visa for our HL&C® Care Giver and HL&C® Domestic Helper to families in need. Moreover, with the growing integration of the world to become one family, we believe that international labour exchanges will flourish in the 21st Century. KL Home Care is devoted to advancing opportunities for Care Givers and Housemaids so that both the Foreign Domestic Helper and their respective employers will both benefit.


The Objectives of KL Home Care Ltd.

As early as 1991, KL Home Care's parent company HL&C Employment Agency Ltd. has been one of the leading foreign domestic helper agency or commonly known as an overseas employment agency. It was founded with the objective of "Quality Helpers with Quality Services" and our acquisition of its business unit shall continue to aim for providing professional employment services for overseas and domestic helpers/care givers. Our HL&C® Care Givers and HL&C® Domestic Helper include the nationalities of Indonesian, Filipino and Thai and we value added by provisions of direct hiring, agency hiring, contract renewal, transfer of contract and short-term contract extension services.

Until today, all our overseas caregivers and domestic helpers have been subjected to the most rigorous screening which allows us to select the finest personnel from these neighboring countries. To further ensure the quality of our recruits, we only partner with the top tier training institutions to further enhance the HL&C® domestic helpers' skills and knowledge before placement to our employers. In addition, we also recruit overseas nursing and health care support professionals to care for Hong Kong's private employers who demand more intensive home care.


The History of KL Home Care Ltd.

KL Home Care Ltd. was established by HL&C Employment Agency Ltd. since 2018. Since our establishment, we have acquired our parent company's business unit and expanded its success from Housemaid to include Overseas Care Giver to cater for the aging local population.

As a subsidiary of HL&C Employment Agency, we are continuing to innovate more business directions while continuing to reinforce the business direction of "Quality Helpers with Quality Services", and continue to fine-tune and optimize our service content to enhance our service. The high level, truly simple, fast and diversified, fully meets the different needs of customers, to meet the needs of the people of Hong Kong, and strive to continue to provide better service to customers around the world.

Download Accreditation certificate
  1. Accreditation certificate issued by Indonesia Consulate General - Hong Kong
  2. Accreditation certificate issued by Pilippine Consulate General - Hong Kong


Our Achievements

B-Volunteer Award
(Hong Kong, 28 October, 2023) ---- KL Home Care Ltd., as a member of the HL&C Group, has always adhered to the spirit of professionalism. Throughout the years, we have also been committed to practicing ......

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Partner Employer Award
(Hong Kong, 24 October 2023) The "Partner Employer Award" ceremony, organised by The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business, was ......

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Caring Company Award
(Hong Kong, 1 March, 2023) ---- KL Home Care Ltd. was awarded the "Caring Company Logo" by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for the first time. In recognition of the care and efforts made by KL ......

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Smoke-free Company Recognition
(Hong Kong, 15 September 2019) On 15th September, KL Home Care was awarded the Smoke-free Company Recognition to commend for its social responsibility by caring ......

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SME Business Sustainability Index
(Hong Kong, 21 June 2019) KL Home Care Ltd. participated in the awards ceremony of "Hong Kong SME Business Sustainability Index 2019" which jointly organized by the Centre ......

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