8B. Hong Kong Identity Cards

2024-05-16 16:00

Registration of HKID

Under the Registration of Persons Ordinance, If a person is a new arrival aged 11 or over and has been permitted to stay in Hong Kong for more than 180 days, he/she must register for an identity card within 30 days of arrival.

Procedure of Registration of Hong Kong Identity Card (Aged 18 or over)


Replacement of HKID

What should I do if my identity card is lost, destroyed, damaged or defaced?

If your identity card is lost, destroyed, damaged or defaced, you should report to any Registration of Persons Office and apply for a replacement within 14 days, or within 14 days of your return if it is lost or damaged outside Hong Kong. For replacement of damaged or defaced identity card, the identity card should be surrendered to the registration officer upon the application for replacement. A fee of HK$370 will be charged for the replacement of an identity card.

When attending your application interview, you should produce the originals of your supporting documents for verification by the registration officer.

If you have recovered the lost identity card after submitting a replacement application or obtaining a replacement card, you should return the recovered card to the Registration of Persons Offices or police station immediately.



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