Smoke-free Company Recognition

2024-05-16 16:00

(Hong Kong, 15 September 2019) On 15th September, KL Home Care was awarded the Smoke-free Company Recognition to commend for its social responsibility by caring for its staff and the environment. This is 1st time for KL Home Care has joined the scheme which aimed to enrich its staff with healthy knowledge about smoking and secondhand smoking. Besides, we have set up smoke-free policy as part of the company's policy to ensure the implementation of the scheme.

※ KL Home Care was awarded the "Smoke-free" logo and the frontline employee quit smoking plan certificate


Smoke-free office

KL Home Care always adheres to the operating principle of “Quality Maid, Quality Service”, meets the diverse needs of our customers, and constantly requires ourselves to play a more responsible corporate citizenship in social roles. In recent years, we have continuously made adjustments in our company policies to meet the demands of today's society for corporate responsibility and mission, and to build sustainable enterprises.

The concept of corporate social responsibility is based on the idea that business operations must be consistent with sustainable development. In addition to considering their own financial and operational conditions, companies must also consider their impact on the social and natural environment. Because the behavior of every company based in Hong Kong directly affects the progress and development of Hong Kong as a whole.

Employees are the foundation of the establishment of enterprises. While they continue to create wealth for enterprises, they are also the core force supporting the development of enterprises. Therefore, caring for the physical and mental health of employees is the responsibility of the company. We incorporate smoke-free work concepts into our corporate culture and strive to provide our employees with a healthy, safe and smoke-free work environment.

Since January 2019, our company has participated in the "Smoke-Free" program organized by the charity, Lok Sin Tong to promote the smoking cessation of frontline employees, so that employees can learn more about the dangers of smoking, secondhand smoke and so on. The situation of family members; we regularly carry out "smoke-free health" seminars to raise employees' awareness of the dangers of smoking; monthly funds are provided to employees who are quitting smoking to participate in sports classes, such as Gym, ball games, etc. We also encourage employees to participate in "smoke-free The workshop has joined the ranks of smoking cessation. For employees who successfully quit smoking, the company gives public praise and gifts as rewards to enhance employees' awareness of the creation and maintenance of the company's smoke-free environment, thereby establishing a smoke-free culture, truly integrating smoke-free health into the corporate culture, and realizing another society for health care. Responsibility indicator - caring for the environment.


Smoking Cessation Program

Smoking Cessation Program in Workplace": Charity Organization - Lok Sin Tong has endeavor on Smoking Cessation service in HK since 2013, which attracts over 100 companies joined, 50 companies are still on the waiting list. 2015/2016, supported by Tobacco Control Office, Department of health, cooperated with School Nursing and School of Publish Health of The University of Hong Kong, Lok Sin Tong implements smoking cessation program in workplace, encouraging employee to smoking cessation. Set up 135 years ago, Lok Sin Tong has aimed to provide value-added and quality volunteer services to the deprived and the public through collaboration with all sectors or stakeholders in the community.

The "Smoke-free Enterprise" logo and the "Love. Smokeless" frontline enterprise employee smoking cessation program certificate are recognition and recognition of the healthy social responsibility of KL Home Care. We always strive to make our customers' satisfaction, and we will not forget to strive to pursue and realize our own value as our company, fulfill our social responsibilities, and bring together all employees to bring business, employees and society. Win the situation and build a beautiful and harmonious Hong Kong.



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