5B. Behavior

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  1. Speak clearly in English
  2. If you do not understand the instruction given to you, please ask your employer to repeat by saying "Pardon me, Sir/Madam". It is better to make sure you understand what is said to avoid doing something wrong later.
  3. When the employer gives you a number of tasks to do, get a paper and pencil and write down what they are telling you to avoid.


Maintain Proper Image

  1. Be clean and neat in your appearance. A tidy appearance makes a good impression and commands respect.
  2. Dress appropriately. Do not wear clothes with low-cut necklines and thin material.
  3. Do not use make-up or nail polish on fingers and toes.
  4. Keep you hair tidy. If your employer does not mind long hair, keep it tied up during work, especially while cooking.


Maintain Proper Hygiene

  1. Brush you teeth immediately, upon waking and before going to bed.
  2. Take a bath everyday and wash your hair at least thrice a week.
  3. Change your clothes everyday or every other day, and remember to change your underwear regularly.
  4. Keep your hands clean. It is very important to maintain hygiene at all times. Remember to teach children to wash their hands before eating, after eating, after playing, and after using the toilet. They shall imbibe a sense of cleanliness, as they see you as their model. Wash your hands before touching clothes, touching the baby, making baby’s milk or handling food.
  5. Wash your underwear by hand. Most employers do not prefer you washing your underwear together with their laundry.



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