5A. Characters

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Integrity is defined differently by different cultures. It usually means honesty, reliability and uprightness, To others, though, it may mean accomplishing what one promises to do, This calls for a positive attitude on the part of the domestic helper, and a clear and cordial discussion between the employer and the employee. Never attempt to make promises you cannot keep. Otherwise, you should be prepared to explain your inability to deliver as promised or to suffer the consequences.



Industry Work energetically and efficiently in the presence or absence of your employers. This will make your employers happy, satisfied and contented with your service. When you have a lot of free time, make effective use of it, You may need to rest, but you should be prepared to answer the telephone or the door. You may use your time to wash your hair, iron your clothes and write letters, among others. However, a good domestic helper will use part of her free time to tackle special chores like re-potting plants, cleaning the kitchen cupboards, checking and tidying the cloth drawer, or dusting the shoe closet.


Common Sense

Think before you act. Show your employers that you have good common sense and that you can be depended upon when minor decision making is required. Be an efficient, resourceful and responsible person. It is your duty to be attentive and to do a good job.


Own Initiative

Do not wait for your employers to tell you to do everything that needs to be done. For example, if you think the floor needs cleaning after a meal, do so without hesitation.



Be courteous, polite and good mannered. Most of all, refrain from intruding into your employers’ personal lives. Keep in mind that you work for them, Learn to hold your tongue when your employer tries to correct your wrong doings, and be careful with your behavior. Later on, you will earn your employer’s respect.



"When the going gets tough, the tough gets going." Not everyday is a sunny day. Be tolerant, kind and understanding, when you think the world is against you, don’t sulk. Sulking may develop into a habit that is hard to break, yet it does not solve the problem. In fact, it may make things worse. Remember that people do not enjoy unpleasant behavior in their homes and they will refuse to pay for it.



Be frank, reliable, sincere and truthful in all your actions. Accidents will always happen; and a good domestic helper should learn to avoid similar accidents in the future. If you have broken or damaged anything, inform your employers. They will appreciate your honestly.



void bearing a grudge when your employer scolds you. Your employer’s loud voice does not always mean rudeness or anger. Avoid pulling a long face and answering back. When explaining your side, use a low toned voice. Smile and be cheerful. It will make your day brighter and make you look younger.



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