6A. Your Employment Contract

2024-05-16 16:00

To work in Hong Kong, a domestic helper must execute a standard contract attested by the Hong Kong Labor Department and Hong Kong's Immigration Office. The domestic helper is not allowed to take on any other type of contract while in Hong Kong. The employment period usually lasts two years, starting on the date the helper arrives in Hong Kong. There is no probationary period.

The employer must explain to the domestic helper the conditions of her service, before she begins her work. These conditions should include the domestic helper’s wages, overtime pay, allowances and deductions. Wages should be paid on the last working day of each calendar month and issued a receipt. The employer is allowed to deduct the cost of damages or losses to property, loan or overpayment. To enter the country, you will need a passport, an employment visa, a health certificate and a re-entry visa (for returning employees). You should register at your country’s consulate in Hong Kong within 10 days of your arrival, taking along your passport, employment contract and photo. You should also apply for a Hong Kong identity card.


Domestic Helpers are entitled to

  1. Rest day of 1 day each week, excluding official holidays. Statutory holidays of 12 days per annum are paid for. Even on holidays, you are advised to tidy the kitchen and parlor, prepare drinking water and wash all dishes and utensils before leaving the house. You should always try to return before 10:00 pm;
  2. Annual vacation of 7 days’ paid leave after 1 year of service. You may accumulate your annual leave for 2 years and take 14 days’ paid leave in your homeland;
  3. Paid sick leave of 2 days per month in the first year;
  4. Free medical care;
  5. Severance pay; and
  6. Long service pay after 5 years of continuous service to employer



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